Sometime Green Belt is Desirable than Black Belt…

Do you care for you, your family and your children? The answer is obvious: Of course we DO.
Do you want them to grow in a hell? The answer is also obvious: Of course we DO NOT.
DO you know they are really growing in hell, if they are growing in Dhaka city?

Dhaka city is surrounded by small rivers like a belt. This river belt could have been a nice setup to earn revenue by tourism with planned local transport, floating restaurants, parks, and green belts. Rapidly Dhaka city is expanding to east and north and south, beyond our imagination.  Maximum of these growth are not planned. Even if we look at planned grown areas like Dhanmondi, Gulshan and Uttara; by now they are not in a livable status because of crowd and traffic aside our regular context of dust cloud, horn of vehicles, throughout packaging and wrapping items, cigarettes, spitting etc.

That’s not the end. A hell needs something called fire and its black smoke. The river banks are the supply filed of clay burn bricks used heavily in the growing city. And this industry somehow created a BLACK BELT around our city with its grey and black smoke producing chimneys.

Just look at the pictures in the north west of Dhaka.

Also try to perceive the situation in the west and south Dhaka.

You can simply compare the green dots (Parks) around, in contrast with the red marked area (the Main producers in BLACK BELT, 100’s of brick filed chimneys). The comparison obviously will tell us that we are inside a BLACK BELT with small to no green area to offset the poisonous gases and carbons.

Existing Tiny Green Belt around Ramna Park (a view from Kakrail towards west). The green is not looking green, because of the unclear air, dust fall on the leaves etc.

Uncountable chimneys as you cross Gabtoli and hit Dhaka Aricha Highway.

What are the costs?

Immediate: Everyday cleaning up of the black carbon components mixed up with the dust in the air. This cleanup includes our daily usage household items to facilities etc. everything.  Maximum of our cleanup procedure uses dry cloths and/or chicken feather dusters. Thereby, we are accumulating these carbon rich dusts in our context day by day. Detergents are used more to cleanup.

Short Run: We have excessive cost of coloring our building, facilities etc. The wear and tear of our cloths and other items are having short life than expected.

Short to Long run: Tremendous increase in lung diseases like Asthma, COPD, Infectious Diseases, Lung Cancer etc.

Ts it too much for you to desired a conversion of the BLACK BELT to the GREEN BELT. Many cities tike Toronto, Perth etc. has Green Belt. We simply can say, we have nothing to do, or can take our small initiatives towards a GREEN BELT to show our care for us, to our family and the next generation.