Go Ahead when Green, why not always GREEN?

The Traffic light gives us go-ahead or stop signal. In our agility, we don’t want to stop. We always expect a green light on our way of life. But in reality, there are more reds than green, when we are in a society of 160 million people living in a small piece of land.

Can Green be implanted in our heart? Can we be kind enough to sacrifice our regular habits to become green? Last year, one of my colleagues told me that God created us with green and purple. What does that mean? Renew of ourselves with the generations is our green part. On the other hand, kindness has a color called purple, and God is Kind. God blessed the creation with a glimpse of his kindness in-built in his creation.

Those are all philosophical thoughts from people around us. In reality, we cannot short fall in exhibiting our kindness to our new generation. We have to work towards leaving behind a livable world, which our previous generation left for us. Some of them really did well while others did not do that good. Despite, we got to move on with our goal of Green and Purple…

Green is obviously the color of desired growth. Green does not mean the nature only, it’s the initiative, agility and the promptness towards innovate ways to help current and next generations. Some of our local corporate are branding themselves with real activities which is encouraging. Please visit BRAC Bank’s CSR initiative report (just released today) with its GREEN theme cover page. http://www.bracbank.com/csrreport/CSR%20Initiatives%202011.pdf

Aside,  there are some initiative they called by “Year 2012 Resolution”, In developed countries, people are thinking about having some resolutions in terms of changing their habits, although in practicality we are yet to see, really much is achievable…


  • Buy Less Bottled Water
  • Drive Less
  • Only Use Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Shorten Your Shower Time
  • Eat Less Meat
  • Recycle Paper
  • Use Earth Friendly Cleaners
  • Compost, etc. etc.

  • Eat Local/Grow Your Own
  • Save energy/save money
  • Drive less/bike more
  • Bag it!
  • Use less paper

What about us?

For our resource scarce country within our context, I believe we got to work on some of our habits too.

We know that Dhaka is running 80% on ground water, whereas it is recommended that a city should only run on 20% ground water. For the rest of its water supply, it should use its surface water options. Thereby we are already in risk by doing wrong to our Eco system every single day.

Eco idea 1: A report says, currently there are more than 1 million vehicles in Dhaka and its suburbs.  Every morning, we see our drivers using water hose at the parking/cleaning area  to clean up the car/vehicle. It is assumed that a hose releases some 10 to 15 bucket of water, whereas we need only one bucket of water to clean up the car. Can we budget for maximum 366 buckets of waters for the entire year 2012 per car and monitor our drivers following our resolution?

There are thousands of Eco ideas, but let us take one initiative a day, put it in our habit and convince others to adopt that. In my article title, I used “why not always GREEN “, meaning we waive our (changeable) habits, and give a go ahead green signal for everyday, even if possible every moment. Please don’t waste your time on items that you can not control (e.g. politics, gossips, gimmick etc…) , rather do things that are in your control. (The six sigma makes us learn that Y is function of X and X are the controllable variables, that has impact on uncontrollable variable Y). Let’s derive a Eco resolution a day and bring a green and purple year 2012 for our surrounding where we live.

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